Monday, 22 March 2010

Yes forgot to rant about said karaoki on Saturday night while turned 3.30 in the morning warblings of daughter number two and so called friend next door and she said they had chosen Abba just for meha ha   very funny I know they were good but not that good that after a rough shift at Meadowhall I would want to sit up and listen while Baby  sitting number two,s daughter.I suppose they must have enjoyed it someone had to.


  1. Said daughter number 2 thinks that nuttynannan should remember that I am 29 not 459. But said daughter number 2 thinks that it shoould be a joy and privilage to look after said daughter number 2's daughter. Confused/ you will be anyway needless to say daughter number 2 had a thoroughly good night and to say I don't know much Abba think I held my own with so called friend! Really wish that said Nutty Nannan would realise that talking in codes is like chinese whispers I haven't a foggiest what I have just waffled on about and due to my very hectic social life I don't have the time to re-read this to make sure it makes sense ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha x

  2. Said daughter number one says that karaoke (spelt correctly) wars should not be discussed on said blog in such a code kind of way and that said daughter number two should do a blog posting as requested by said sister number one. Said Mummy number one should know that ha ha is spelt this way not ah ah - as that made no sense and said sister number two should know that privilege is spelt with many e's and not so many a's LOL - the two of you make me giggle - given that said Mummy number one is not the biggest fan of said conservatory so said daughter number two singing Abba to her through glass roof at 3.30am is maybe not the best way to show your love!

    So endeth the lesson and if anyone has followed this can they please explain it to me!

  3. I now have a headache along with Nutty Nannan! *g*


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