Sunday, 21 March 2010


Hi everyone have just returned from my great nephews Christening his name is Sonny Kay and he has the most amazing blue eyes and such a laid back baby, I think he must have been here before.The weather was beautiful the church was full and a brilliant time was had by all.Two years ago today I lost my dear mother and a worst death I could not imagine she broke our hearts but at the end all her Daughters and her Granddaughters were with her and we all were of one voice,we all hurt the same way and we all were bereft at her going .I have forgiven all of what went on after mum died but I will never forget it and put most of it down to being the worst time of my life .But life is very short and carrying a burden is no good for anyone so I take each day as it comes and celebrate all that life has to offer.I love my family and adore my two grandchildren and thank God for them all so I will give thanks to life that we are all here to enjoy the moment and the day and the celebrations and feel how lucky we are to be able to do this when so many people we knew and loved  are no longer around to enjoy it with us.The piece of journaling is about brothers and sisters asI have ten of them I feel  I am an authority on the subject none of us are the same and we often don,t see eye to eye.My second piece is a tribute to a very famous designer someone who chose to be very differant  but also my dear sister Vanessa who I adore  and both these females I regard as both very unique in there own individual ways .love them both well I will be back soon xxxx


  1. Hi Mum

    Gorgeous pages and a poignant reminder of what today has been and how it has differed from two years ago today. I don't think life can ever be the same after all we've gone through in the past two years but I agree that we are all blessed to be here and we should all embrace each and every day as no one knows what is round the next corner.



  2. Heyup Val. Glad you had a nice day at the Christening. Its good to hear that you've let the crappy stuff go and have a healthy outlook on the future. You're a brick!

  3. Love this post. The journalling on the top page is so lovely and I am also an admirer of Vivienne :P

    I come from a big family too - there is 6 of us girls... Mum was trying for a boy!! It's hard what happens when people leave us, you are very gracious in forgiving, that makes you a better person than me.

    Hugs to you and your girls.


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