Monday, 15 March 2010

First art journal pages on my blog

Hi everyone just thought I'd put a few of my recent pages on my new blog. Thank you for the lovely comments on my first post and thank you for following me I officially have 4 followers woohoo.

Can you believe that I've been playing with my photos all morning and I'm still in my PJ's I can see my blog eating up chunks of my life - but it is fun isn't it!

This first image is about how elephants never forget and reminds me of a difficult period of my life with lots of falling out, it isn't a happy memory but it is a memory nevertheless. This image is in a gorgeous 2006 diary that I found out that I'd never written in - how awesome is it that I can actually use something that I thought would just end up in the recycle box. It's a lovely A4 size and is leather bound so should take some hammering!

I love this image and just had to journal it and reminds me of all the adventurous men that I've met in my life!

This image reminds me on my Dad as he's wearing a flat cap, it would have been his birthday this last week and he would have been 84. My Dad was an awesome man and had 10 children and many many grandchildren. I miss him so much but it's been difficult in recent years as dementia robbed him of his memory. This page however reminds me of what a happy person he was always so gracious and loving and fun and just great company so it was nice to remember him in this way!


  1. These pages are gorgeous Valencia. I know what you mean about your Dad. It will be 3 years in June since my Mum was taken from us. This was the first Mothers Day I didn't think of her with sadness. She was still on my mind an awful lot but more knowing how much she would have loved the flowers my daughter made me, and laughing that the sun finally decided to show up on Mothers Day of all days. She's definitely still very much around.

    Brilliant idea with reclaiming the diary! I will have to remember that when I see them reduced in shops!

  2. Oh mum look at you go, these are really great, love looking at them in person but seeing them on here is fab. I'm so proud of you you used to be such a technophobe now look at you! Your journalling is great and you have put such an individual spin on it all. Keep it up, your new fellow blogger tee hee xMelaniex

  3. You're pages are fantastic Val, well done. Gorgeous background on your blog and don't feel bad - I was in jammies till midday!! xx

  4. I wasn't in jammies until midday I was definitely running myself ragged all day today - I haven't stopped - it's going to be one of those weeks and because I say it's going to be one of those weeks I know that's exactly how it's going to turn out! Hey ho - your pages are gorgeous Mum I'm so glad that you have really 'got' the art journaling - you made me giggle yesterday when you commented that you had begrudgingly had to make some cards and all you wanted to do was doodle on them!



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