Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sundays and family

Hi everyone out there well what a Sunday managed to catch up with all my lot today ,even my John Yesterday was trying to help Virginia with her water logged garden after much deliberation we decided to send Craig for lots of pea shingle .He had removed the turf and dug out a very large concrete slab from under about two feet of soil .The underneath was clay and completely water filled so we put lots of sand and shingle and then returned soil and turf,.Everyone was laughing at me for stamping and kicking the turf to make it fit .This was quite difficult as I was wearing my diamante wellies and the garden is holding too much water  and my wellies were getting heavier by the minute although I appeared taller after an hour of tramping round in it, that was the plus side of it as I am less than five feet tall.There is enough clay in virginias garden to throw pots and open a ceramics shop.Decided to go see number one son and have a look at his grafitti books that he has and we all decended on him for tea and chit chat which was lovely ,his dear cathie was baking a cake which meant his kitchen smelled divine.I dont know why I said his kitchen as they usually fall out over whose space it is because she  likes to cook in it he likes to treat it like his own craft room so you can well imagine.Although his craft tends to be reproducing props from the films he has seen, ecto goggles from Ghost busters movie was the last thing he made but he often has three or four projects on the go at once.The journaling page I have put on today is all about time and how fast it seems to go as we age  .This one came to mind because Virginia always has a rant about the fact someone pinches an hour off us when British summer time begins and she hates it she says it is no good giving it back to her in October as she doesn't want it then it is so funny.


  1. Well where do I start - firstly there is only my Mother who could wear diamante wellies whilst gardening! Yes there is enough clay in my garden to throw a pot or two and create a pleasant range of rustic pots and the clay attaching itself to your wellies was a ploy to get rid of the damn stuff out of the garden - although at that rate it may take some significant time to get rid of!

    Just in case anyone was wondering I don't normally take to burying concrete slabs in my garden it was in fact the muppets who lived here before - let's hope all the hard work will be worth it! Yes you did make us laugh whilst you were trying to re-patchwork the turf in the garden I'm hoping it won't sink too much but watch this space.

    It was lovely catching up today and yes it is difficult to split space between kitchen and crafting I should know as mine keeps taking over the world! As a result I came home and baked - definitely a 'Craig' baking moment - did 6 batches of 12 muffins - little man thinks he's in his element!

    Right off blopping - speak soon - hugs

  2. p.s when is number one son starting blogging so we can see al his crafty work too?

  3. I completely agree with Virginia on that one ;)

    I must admit time these days seems to zip by in the blink of an eye, feels like I'm just getting up and it's time to get back in bed again!

    Love all the cogs on your page Valencia.


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