Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I had my rant yesterday and laughed my socks off at Virginia's reply fantastic sense of humour loved the idea of graffitti on the offending wall and the Juliet balcony  might have to do just that .Now for todays piece can we all remember what it was like to fall in love so madly that we were totally blinded by it all well the image I used for this was in a very expensive magazine that I bought and cut up  so that I could journal it.The image shows a man and a woman looking deeply at each other unaware of all that may be around them.They are differant that she sports wings like an Angel and he has large areas of his skin that are torn away to reveal what may lie underneath as if he is baring his soul to her.I totally get this image it makes me feel as I did when in  the early days of a relationship the feelings are so  strong we are oblivious to the rest of the world and love and passion blinds us to everything.

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  1. Expensive magazine yes it was my hubby is still rocking himself in a darkened room as a result of you abusing this one - it's one of his favourite magazines and he wouldn't dream of cutting it up! Glad my comments lifted you mood - although I'm seriously thinking graffiti and balconies are the way to go LMAO!



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