Monday, 15 March 2010

Following myself

Well you can tell I don,t know it all yet I meant to follow Carmen and managed to do it all wrong now I am following meself well someone needs to keep an eye on me ah ah ah


  1. Mum if you carry on doing blog posts like this I'm going to have to see a psychiatrist I almost wet myself reading it - how the hell did you manage to follow your own blog! WTF!


  2. Mum is just that special, and she's right someone does need to keep an eye on her!

  3. Oh my! You've really made me chuckle! Its going to be so much fun swinging by your blog Val! Love your journal pages and the fact that you're enjoying it SO much! x

  4. Hi Valencia - found you through Dyan's blog. Have to say dead impressed. What I wouldn't give to mess around with my stuff and blogging in my PJs in the day instead of these late night adventures - lol. From what I've read so far - you are going to be one cool blogger. Will visit again ....
    I'll be a follower too

  5. LOL! I feel honoured that you tried to follow me! This made my morning, laughed so hard I scared the dog!

  6. You are an inspiration and I wish I had you courage, strength and optimism. You are my Sister and I am so proud of you. When we meet I feel so happy to be with you and for you to share these memories with me is a pleasure and a honour.


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