Sunday, 6 March 2011

More Sacrifice

More Sacrifice is a piece I wrote about how we often put our lives on hold ,not quite fulfilling our dreams and aspirations.Sometimes it is about being in the wrong place at the wrong time or not being as happy as we think we should be and don,t understand why .I wonder sometimes if we had made different decisions we might well have had a different outcome to the path we take in life . But no matter which path we journey along the story constantly changes and evolves nothing is set in stone and we all live with the what ifs with no answers.

Monday, 28 February 2011


I did this image when I was feeling very vunerable and a little unloved, the message was treat with care and wearing kid gloves as we often get easily crushed and broken. When I was a small child I found a chrysillis of a butterfly and knew it would eventually appear as a beautiful object and I wanted to see the finished result so placed it in a match box and checked on it daily, but like all small children after a few days of nothing doing I forgot all about it and when I eventually remembered to open the box the poor creature had battered it's wings and had died so as a result of my daft actions I was gutted and cried all day. So the moral of the story is treat each other with thought and gentleness and love and kindness because we break very easily.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Still Breathing

Thought I would publish this just to asure everyone I am still around and breathing.Still scrapping and enjoying my craft nights with my two wonderful Daughters ,still making memories and still running the Charity shop for the ymca. It has been a long winter  now ready for spring, so much so I have ordered a skip to get rid of all my rubbish hope everyone is up for helping me .Read Virginia's post this morning and laughed my socks off ,must admit it makes me happy to think my one liners make them laugh .Hope Virginia's week ends on an happier note and that she manages to make some time to relax this next week while on her weeks holiday and Mel manages her first big push to start her prep for Sheffields half marathon. Love to everyone out there in the ether on a much more serious note, now need to get ready to go visit my cousin Alan who is in the critical care ward in Sheffield hospital after being left after a hit and run driver almost killed him last Friday night .Bye for now x

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Hi everyone a few more pics from our weekend at harrogate so sorry I have not updated this recently but the reason is I am dead on my feet, as I am working 45 hours a week at this time as the other lady that worked two days a week has left which left us all in the lurch,  so I have had to cover the other two days with the help of all my volunteers so what with running a home and keeping topside of housework as well as catching up with old friends it has been a nightmare.I have done no art work so I have promised as soon as they get someone else in post and I can have a few days off I am spending the whole day playing with all the wonderful things I bought from Dyan's shop before I forget what to do with it all .I will try to update this again in the morning Bye for now.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Harrogate weekend

This is myself and my sister vanessa on our weekend in Harrogate which I really enjoyed and hope she did too we learned so much but most of all we enjoyed each others company and shared an  artistic experience .loved it all. 

Sunday, 13 June 2010


This is my peice about honesty it is also about blue eyes all my family have blue eyes and there are ten of us mum and Dad had them too.Thing is with blue eyes you cannot hide how you feel as you give your moods away with a single look and you cannot disguise your emotions either as they are a give away with blue eyes.So honesty is is the best deal with blue eyes as you can never get away with anything.I haven't posted much recently as I have been working my notice for Debenhams while managing the Charity shop.  I love it all this wheeling and dealing and meeting some real down to earth people in the process.Someone gave us some new calenders to sell they were from another Charity shop and featured very Hunky Firemen so we have had a real laugh sellng them to everyone that has been to the shop.One of the young volunteers tried to sell one to a man in the shop who was slightly miffed about it and  said do I look like someone who would buy such a thing.Told her only sell them to the ladies they are very cheap at 50  pence and we have sold quite a few it is a laugh a minute.It is a very worthwhile job and all the money raised is ploughed back into the projects that the charity supports .speak again soon regards Valencia xxx

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Hi everyone quick post not got a lot of time as trying to catch up with house work today. Still working for Debenhams while serving my notice and have started new job, as charity shop manager for well known organisation enjoying the work and it will be great to give it my entire attention and for me not to have to work six days a week.Thankyou to all Virginia's fellow bloggers that have sent her messages of support I am sure she will get there, the star she is and she will bounce back.I may have to go buy a canvas and have an afternoon at Virginia's and throw paint and inks at it it was awesome well done dear daughter.Speak again soon when I have more time.