Sunday, 13 June 2010


This is my peice about honesty it is also about blue eyes all my family have blue eyes and there are ten of us mum and Dad had them too.Thing is with blue eyes you cannot hide how you feel as you give your moods away with a single look and you cannot disguise your emotions either as they are a give away with blue eyes.So honesty is is the best deal with blue eyes as you can never get away with anything.I haven't posted much recently as I have been working my notice for Debenhams while managing the Charity shop.  I love it all this wheeling and dealing and meeting some real down to earth people in the process.Someone gave us some new calenders to sell they were from another Charity shop and featured very Hunky Firemen so we have had a real laugh sellng them to everyone that has been to the shop.One of the young volunteers tried to sell one to a man in the shop who was slightly miffed about it and  said do I look like someone who would buy such a thing.Told her only sell them to the ladies they are very cheap at 50  pence and we have sold quite a few it is a laugh a minute.It is a very worthwhile job and all the money raised is ploughed back into the projects that the charity supports .speak again soon regards Valencia xxx


  1. Another wonderful image you've used! What a lucky family to have blue eyes - my darling Grant has beautiful blue eyes, in fact I fell in love with him the moment I saw those eyes! Our daughter Hope also has those baby blues, but Luke has got my grey eyes, so he'll have to stun the girls with his personality and spiky blond hair! Sounds like you're having fun at the charity shop - those calenders are an absolute bargain, HUNKY FIREMEN, YESSSSSS!!!
    Enjoy your Sunday, x

  2. Love this page Valencia - that background is gorgeous.

    The charity shop sounds like a right laugh, when I go in the one down town all you can hear is the women out the back cackling away! It does make me chuckle. Makes a change seeing people happy in what they are doing.


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