Sunday, 6 June 2010

Hi everyone quick post not got a lot of time as trying to catch up with house work today. Still working for Debenhams while serving my notice and have started new job, as charity shop manager for well known organisation enjoying the work and it will be great to give it my entire attention and for me not to have to work six days a week.Thankyou to all Virginia's fellow bloggers that have sent her messages of support I am sure she will get there, the star she is and she will bounce back.I may have to go buy a canvas and have an afternoon at Virginia's and throw paint and inks at it it was awesome well done dear daughter.Speak again soon when I have more time.

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  1. How lucky Virginia is to have a Mum who is happy to throw around inks and paints! This is a great image you've chosen for this page. Good luck with your new job - one of my dear friends is the manager of a charity shop - it's not easy managing volunteers, but she never has a dull day, that's for sure! x


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