Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Just celebrating the female form.

This piece is a celebration of the female form in whatever shape it comes,  in mine it would be very small and carrying more weight than  I would like , a friend recently said I was just right as I am which is cuddly but that is not where I see myself .After breast cancer treatment my weight rocketed to some unmentionable figure that we won't divulge and I managed to lose a lot of it but since giving up the cigarettes my weight has gone up again so have joined Virginia and Melanie at slimmers world.This is an  art work I enjoyed doing if only to be now saying we need to be happy with ourselves no matter where we are with our looks, figure ,personality,and life in general.We are all very differant human beings and us ladies should be greatful for  what we have even if it is more than we would like(weight that is).because we all have some of whatever she has the female in my piece and we should all celebrate it . 


  1. This is gorgeous, love all the colours going on and what a brilliant thing to celebrate :)

    How are you finding Slimming World?

  2. Wow Valencia, just hopped over here for the first time and am totally wowed with your work. Such strong, emotional, wonderful pieces. A joy to behold! WIll be back. You going to dy's next class?
    x Michelle

  3. Definately off to see the wonderful Dyan again weekend after this am so looking forward to it myself and my two girls coming again and i am bringing my sister Vanessa with me this time so there will be four of us looking to see the same wonderful people again see you soon Valencia x

  4. Just popped over from Virginia's blog and WOW! stunning art work. Wonderful background, and the female image is brilliant. Great text. Good luck with Slimming World, it helps to have support from your family. x

  5. Hi Mum - check out my blog I've passed you a blog award!


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