Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Unseen hands.

Love this one its all about unseen hands I feel they are often about in life pulling you one way when you know you should go another,
Wether it is unseen angels or our subconcious minds I often feel I am pulled differant ways .So do we ignore it or do we let it lead the way.Is it a help or a hindrance, should we listen or turn them away.


  1. Fantastic background Val, and very thought provoking content. x x

  2. I find listening to them is most helpful in all honesty because they are there for a reason, a gorgeous page Mum simply lovely!

  3. Hi Valencia. Love your 'invisible hands' page and accompanying post. I'm very choosy now about which hands I allow to lead me. For me, its ok to acknowledge them all, but I need to keep a central self-full core otherwise I feel I'd disintegrate into a million little pieces! your pages really speak to me x

  4. I love this (again!) the writing and phrases you have on there are really good. Stop and think stuff indeed.

  5. FANTASTIC background, and really thought provoking text. Great image. I love your style. I'm getting better at standing firm to what I want as I get older. Still hard though. x


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