Friday, 18 February 2011

Still Breathing

Thought I would publish this just to asure everyone I am still around and breathing.Still scrapping and enjoying my craft nights with my two wonderful Daughters ,still making memories and still running the Charity shop for the ymca. It has been a long winter  now ready for spring, so much so I have ordered a skip to get rid of all my rubbish hope everyone is up for helping me .Read Virginia's post this morning and laughed my socks off ,must admit it makes me happy to think my one liners make them laugh .Hope Virginia's week ends on an happier note and that she manages to make some time to relax this next week while on her weeks holiday and Mel manages her first big push to start her prep for Sheffields half marathon. Love to everyone out there in the ether on a much more serious note, now need to get ready to go visit my cousin Alan who is in the critical care ward in Sheffield hospital after being left after a hit and run driver almost killed him last Friday night .Bye for now x


  1. Good to hear from you Valencia! I knew you were alive and kicking from Virginia's blog.

    Poor Alan, I do hope he has a speedy recovery and the Police catch and bring the hit and run driver to justice.

    Good luck with the clear out.


  2. Ah Mum - lovely to find a post from you finally - thankfully I knew you were still breathing! Didn't know you were going up to the hospital - send our love and we'll speak later!


  3. wow mum your post summed up happy happy happy atomic bomb! lol sorry had to mention this! Glad your enjoying your scrapping, ditto! Now going to get dressed to come and fill a skip lol x


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