Tuesday, 6 April 2010

This is one of my messy ones I loved this one managed to get paint on everything  all kitchen cupboards and even kitchen floor it was great fun not sure what I want to say other than death is not the end  it is just the beginning.


  1. Just popped over from your fabulously fun Virginia's blog to take a look and see what wonders her Mum gets up to and I'm delighted to find your lovely creations! You are one funky mumma! I shall be following with interest .... in a good way! x
    Please come and drop in on me. I'd love to meet you x

  2. This is amazing! Such a powerful page and such a positive message. I love the messy pages but have to wait till Craig goes to work or he would keel over with shock. He loves the end results but not the process of making them. Total tidy freak! Not natural if you ask me ;)


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