Tuesday, 27 April 2010

It is 21 years ago this Day that my childrens Father was cruelly snatched away from them gone well before his time,totally unexpected and left us as a family bereft .Some people never leave much of a mark on the world and he often said he was like a ripple on the water and once he was gone he thought it would be as if he never exsisted.How daft was he the kids never got over him going and there is not a Day goes by that I don't think of him but I see him in his children and there is not one day of our lives together that I regret even the bad times .He had an amazing sense of humour and could hold an audience he should have been on stage .The other role he could have played was a movie star as he was often my Clint Eastwood.After 21 years he is sadly missed R I P Paddy my beautiful man.


  1. Ah Mum beautifully put and the 'empty' person on the page sums it up perfectly! Hugs


  2. Hi Val, thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I think you lot are amazing and I'm sending you lots of love tonight. Thinking of you (and love the page) xx

  3. Sending you huge hugs and much love xx Janet

  4. Visiting both yours and Virginias blogs, it is evident just how dear your husband was to you all and how closely you still hold him in your hearts. Think your page is amazing. Sending you healing wishes x


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