Wednesday, 14 April 2010


This page was so messy and I looked at it and thought Noise, now noise can be anything you want it to be it can be the ticking of a clock to the Band making music but to me then that would be the word sound.The word noise can be a sudden sound ,an unexplained sound or just something differant when I first saw this image all I could think of with that amount of birds for hair it is going to be hellishly noisy and so needed to make the background very strong to complement it .


  1. Hi Valencia - have been watching your Journal Pages with great admiration. The bird hair is awesome - bit like mine when I'm concentrating - lol. Do you have a Journal book or are they loose pages to be bound later?
    Hope you not missing Virginia and co. too much - they will be back soon. Never been to Scarborough or anywhere up that way. Maybe when I retire ....

  2. That's a great image Val! Just perfick for that background 'cos it does speak LOUD!
    Hope you're not too lonely without your journaling partner in crime!

  3. This is AMAZING! Love the image and how you have definitely complimented it :P


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