Thursday, 1 April 2010


Like this one reminds me of when I weighed about seven and a half stones and had discovered Bruce Springsteen still had hubby Father to my three children and needed to reinvent myself .This is how I felt as if I was super women and could tackle anything.It was back in the eighties and money was very tight and we were going through a recession and other half was in and out of work also had to put up with him working away .This proved to be difficult missed him like mad but realised I could cope without him  being there.It was a crappy time in my life but it made me understand I did not need another person I was capable of making decisions and taking control .Maybe it was preparation for the time to come when I would lose him to an early death.Such is life.


  1. Well I think I went through every emotion in that very short posting Mum, energetic young you tackling anything - living on a shoe string but loving life regardless - lack of jobs things were tight - missing other half due to working away - down in dumps difficult time and preparing for bereavement - please forgive me whilst i go and jump off the front step - mmm - think i might have had yet another bad day!

  2. I did not post it to give you another bad day sweetheart it is what I was thinking as I was working on it .I felt a lot of energy and as we age it is not as abundant as it was when we are young and it led me to remember the eighties.What a struggle it was for us all including Dad it was great to have honeymooon weekends while he worked away but if you remember he hated being away from us all and in the finish he was so very poorly when we got him back and took three months of looking after to get him right again.Now don't know if I haven't just made it worse if I have don't read it lol


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